Monday, November 12, 2012

Rule 16: Don't Be a Puppy.

Ok, here's what's up.

You're a dumb guy. You like some crazy girl. You want to get with that girl.

What's your game plan?

"Well, women want to be pursued," begins your dumb reply, "but I remember YOU saying I need to be aloof so as not to smother. Therefore, I need to pursue her in a very likeable way... I know! I'll just hang out with her over the course of a few months! I'll go to parties with her and her friends, get in with her cliques... Once she just gets to know me, she'll totally want to date me!"

Guess whatYOU'REDUMB.

I've seen enough guys mess up here that I feel Rule 11 needs some reiteration/elaboration. True, a woman needs to KNOW you to even be able to begin LIKING you (That's just simple physics.), but take a step back and look at yourself objectively. You're hanging out with this girl a lot, which means you're devoting A LOT of your valuable time to her when you're not even sure she likes you.

There's a creature in this world that follows a similar pattern of undying devotion and affection. It is called a puppy. Puppies are cute, adorable, and fun to be around... until they demand all your attention, or bark constantly, or make huge messes.

Also, no girl wants to boink a puppy.


You see, if a girl likes you, she will invite you to things. That will let you know she wants to be around you. This is your green light to ask her out. Until this happens, YOU BACK THE HECK OFF.

Ok. Time to watch Ponies.