Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Amendment 1 (RE: Law 2)

Keegan and Joe helped me realize something just now in regards to the 2nd Natural Law:

Just because a girl likes another guy does NOT mean you should give up on her. If you follow the theory of the Like Chain, it's possible that this other guy is attracted to a completely different caliber of chick than the one that currently likes him. It's EVEN possible that she is interested in both of you equally and is just waiting for one of you to MAKE THE MOVE!!!

So really, Law 2 is only good for providing solace after a failed dating attempt. You are NOT allowed to use it as an excuse to back down from pursuing a chick. Natural Laws are what ARE; Rules are what you must DO. Therefore, follow Rule 3 and GO FOR IT, PANSY!!!


  1. I never admit it when I change a rule. What is is what has always been, and nobody can prove anything else.

  2. It's really more of a clarification than an amendment. We'll edit all this when we make a book out of it.