Thursday, July 22, 2010

From the desk of Keeganomics™

Friends, have you been affected by a recent financial crisis… OF LOVE?!?!?!?

Where is the love?

If so, Keeganomics ™ has got you covered! Using HARD HITTING statistical analysis, RECESSION BUSTING observational skills, and THE WISDOM OF COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE, I will help YOU to bust out of the DUST BOWL OF LOVE! Yes friend, it’s time for a NEW DEAL OF LOVE! It’s time to stop the Great Depression and burst into the ROARING 20’s! …OF LOVE!!!

(what’s that you say? The Depression came AFTER the Roaring 20’s?....oh…uuuuuuuh…well…I was speaking figuratively of course…Wait! I got it!)

It’s time to bust out of the Great Depression and into the ROARING 20’s OF LOVE in a mind blowing reversal of history. Keeganomics™ is so effective, it can reverse even the worst of fortunes*

And so friends, join us as our collective experience TRICKLES DOWN to you!!! Turn that market not into a bear market, not into a bull market, but into a RAPTOR JESUS MARKET!!!

pictured: greatest thing ever

*Keeganomics™ cannot reverse the actual Great Depression

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