Monday, July 19, 2010

INTRO! - Friend Zone to Endzone

Hello, awesome men.

Have you ever been interested in a female woman, only to be rejected? Did this rejection then keep you up late at night wondering what you could have done wrong? Was it your offensive body odor or complete lack of clothing style that drove her away? What about that time you made eye contact with her? That might have been it.


She doesn't like you because YOU DON'T KNOW THE RULES!!!1!

Welcome to RULES TO DATE GIRLS BY, a totally legit and kick-a blogspot for dudes who struggle with the ladies. After an evening of divine inspiration filled with burritos and ice cream, writers Clintonymous, Keeganomics, and Indiana Joe dedicated their existence to discovering, defining, and distributing the most important life lessons that so many bro's don't know. We three will post a new rule every day (sometimes) so as to slowly indoctrinate you with Rules, Natural Laws, Field Experience and Life Examples that you must encounter and learn from in order to win chicks' hearts and stuff. Any dosage bigger than one post a day, and your mind would explode with truth. Many of these truths will even be applicable to all aspects of Living the Manliest Life. Many of these truths will even be so truthy that they TRANSCEND truth within the physical world to the point that they don't make sense, BUT THAT'S OK! As long as you know them, the ladies will be swooning into your arms like ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!!!

So join us as we launch forth into the awesomanlitudosphere and become the voice of this generation of this decade.

P.S.: I'm addressing you all as "men" because this is a website by men, for men, and I have to assume that you are, in fact, a man. If you are a woman, congratulations. You are here because you want to gain insight into the male psyche, and that makes you awesome. You are the reason Gender Rights were invented. Please be impressed by our confidence and join our cause.

Disclaimer: We here at Rules to Date Girls by would like to make it known that we can in no way, shape, or form be held responsible for anything undesirable that may or may not happen as a result of you (the reader) following the advice of this blog. While these rules may reflect universal truths, we would like to acknowledge the possible relativity of some of these truths. Some of these situations and rules are theoretical and therefore cannot be predicted with 100 percent accuracy. Douche.


  1. Excellent. I look forward to reading your blog until my lawsuit for copyright infringement is ready. Then, unfortunately, will have no choice but to shut you down.

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